Finally! A FREE Handbook offers new information to back pain sufferers...

Dr. Seth Peterson

Dr. Seth Peterson is one of Tucson's premiere orthopedic physical therapists, published author, researcher, teacher, and founder of The Motive Physical Therapy Specialists. With The Back Pain Handbook, he aims to help educate and improve the lives of people suffering with back pain.

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The Back Owner's Handbook is for you if...

  • You thought the pain would go away but it didn't.

  • You went to a doctor and been prescribed painkillers and rest, but the pain is still there.

  • You have been told by numerous people that your spine or body is broken or unfixable.

  • Tried exercises prescribed by someone or found online that didn’t do anything or made the problem worse.

  • Your pain medication keeps getting increased and no one has given you another option.

    Hear What People Have to Say About the Book

    Seth proves that physical therapy is not a one size fits all solution and that an individualized treatment plan makes all the difference.Iris
    He truly cares and sees each person’s unique struggles and works with them to help get them get not only immediate relief but long term healing and whole health.Michelle
    I first met Seth about 4 years ago. I couldn't walk without pain I really didn't think they were going to be able to help me because I had been to so many therapists without much success. I was ready to give up. They sent a young therapist out and first thing I thought was great another inexperienced person but Seth was different he listened and really cared by the time I left I was walking. I was walking better than I had in two years. So, now I travel 2 1/2 hours just to see Seth and receive treatment!LK