Community Programs

The Motive Ambassador Program - If you treat people in pain (physicians, trainers, pilates instructors), contact us to see if you could qualify for free or reduced visits.

The Motive Grace Program - If you need our services but are considered below poverty level, you can apply to receive pro bono or heavily reduced sessions.

The Motive Knee Replacement Program - Getting a knee replacement can be scary. No one wants to end up with a stiff knee forever. They have surgery for a reason - to get back to their active life! Our program is designed to ensure the best possible outcome with the lowest possible risk. We design and implement a long-term strategy once physical therapy comes to a close. Contact us for more information!

Walk with a Doc - Every 1st Saturday of the month, we will lead a FREE walk at Children's Memorial Park!  No special equipment needed, just bring comfortable shoes, yourself, and a friend (or not).  We'll spend the first 10 minutes talking about a health related topic, then we'll walk!  

Contact us for more information or check out our Walk with a Doc site here: