Start Where You Will End Up

  • Have back pain or another orthopedic condition and not sure the ER is the right place for you?
  • Do you want to avoid getting stuck with a huge bill for an ER visit that wasn't needed?
  • Are you afraid of being exposed in the ER?
  • Do you want to be seen immediately by an expert in your problem?
Be seen by a physical therapist NOW and see why doctors and patients love physical therapy emergency triage. We will have a Doctor of Physical Therapy see you ASAP through your computer or smart phone to determine if you need to go to the ER or if your condition is less serious and you can start in the clinic.

get seen immediately

Contact us by clicking on the button below or calling our office at 520-389-5311. Note that we do have normal office hours and are not open on the weekends. If you have musculoskeletal pain, we will perform an online examination to determine if you are appropriate for physical therapy or need to go to the Emergency Room. We do not see patients for conditions that are not musculoskeletal.

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About Our Specialists

Our physical therapists are the best in the business. Together, they are published authors, experienced clinicians, and teach other physical therapists locally and nationally.  Their specific training leads to a focused evaluation, prompt diagnosis, and personalized solution.

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