Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine treatment that relies on the strategic placement of tiny needles into points both near and far from the region of symptoms. According to the Eastern Medicine theory, the needles are used to stimulate certain key "points" the flow of “qi” throughout the body.  Regardless of the mechanism, acupuncture and other uses of needles have shown promising results in clinical trials.  At the Motive Physical Therapy Specialists, we offer acupuncture in order to provide the community with another minimally-invasive treatment option.

How Does It Work?

Acupuncture has a variety of effects on the body. It has been shown to:

  • Lessen pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote blood flow
  • Stimulate regrowth of tissue
  • Release natural painkillers (endorphins)
  • Relaxmuscle spasms
  • Decrease stress 

What Does Acupuncture Feel Like?

Typically it is painless.  However, there may be a brief sensation of a “pinch” during needle insertion. Once the needles are in place, the patient rests for 20-30 minutes.