Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a profession, not a treatment.  Doctors of Physical Therapy are “movement specialists,” which means they have spent years learning how the body moves and how to develop a plan to address problems with movement.  This means things like pain, stiffness, weakness, and balance problems are all treated by physical therapists without medication or surgery.

Going to a physical therapist directly can also save you a few dollars.  How much? Check out this infographic below.

Physical Therapy is more than the number of techniques and tools you use.

The process of physical therapy involves caring, listening, examination, diagnosis, and implementing an evidence-informed and customized plan for you and your specific problem.  After their first visit, many of our patients say it was the most thorough examination they have ever had.  Only when one knows the root cause of a problem will that person be able to develop a customized treatment plan to fix it and experience relief.

At The Motive Physical Therapy Specialists, our physical therapists are experts in their field. Our therapists have taught nationally, written “best practice” documents for other physical therapists, and are involved in postgraduate training of other physical therapists.

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