1.Do I need to write a referral for a patient to see a physical therapist?

The answer is no.  However, some insurance plans still require a referral before they will authorize payments.  It is probably a good idea to send the patient with a referral.

2. How is Medicare different?

For Medicare, a physician needs to sign off on the plan of care in order for the patient to be covered.  In other words, a patient can be seen directly at our office, but you must sign off on the plan of care faxed to your office afterward.  **Note: If you disagree with the plan of care suggested by the physical therapist, please modify it to read “1 visit” and call our office to discuss the patient’s case.  We’re an open book.

3. Is there anything I can do to get my patient started immediately?

Yes, and frankly, that is our thing.  Please call or text our office at 520-389-5311 or email the front desk at hello@themotiveaz.com with “urgent visit” in the subject line to facilitate this process.  We have a spot on our schedule that is blocked off for “emergency” visits around noon, and we should be able to get a patient in there nearly every day.  Our rule of thumb is that if you call before noon, we can see you by the end of the day.  If you call after noon, we will see you by the end of the following business day.  

4. Do you guys have any special programs for physicians?

Yes.  Our “ambassador” program is specifically for physicians and other healthcare providers that need treatment for themselves.  You must be local and currently practicing.  Call our office for more information about the program.

5.  How is your office different?

There are a few things that set us apart.  First, we don’t have aides or assistants spending the majority of time with patients.  Our patients spend all of their time with a physical therapist.  Secondly, we believe in tracking our outcomes and making them accessible to the public.  If we rock at treating back pain and aren’t up to snuff at treating elbow pain, we think the public deserves to know.  Check out our “outcomes” page to see where we rank nationally.  We aim to be somewhere in the top 10% for every condition.  Finally, we spend more time with patients than most offices in town.  In order to make this work, we’re very selective about the insurance plans we sign on with.  If we’re not an “in-network” provider with your patient’s insurance plan, understand that we still speak with their insurance company and will provide your patient with the best high-value care possible.