WATCH: A “5/10” to Pain-Free in 15 minutes

In Uncategorized by Seth Peterson, Physical Therapist Oro Valley

It’s one of the questions we get all the time. “What happens in physical therapy?” All day long in our Oro Valley clinic, we hear people say “I didn’t know this type of physical therapy existed,” or “I had no idea that this is what happened in physical therapy – if I’d known I would have come a lot sooner!”

They’re not alone, either. Several years ago, I was chatting with a pathologist, who told me he thought 80% of physicians had NO IDEA what happened in physical therapy. I am not exactly sure why there is a shroud of mystery surrounding physical therapy, but it definitely seems to be there. What I am sure of is that not all physical therapy is created equal.

The Before and After

I decided to tape a quick before and after video in our clinic. You or someone you know may have trouble going up stairs or hills, like this patient did. You can see how loading her leg and putting weight on it as she lifted her body onto the step caused pain. While it doesn’t show that in the video, we evaluated her lower back and hip and determined the pain was coming from her lower back. Treatment commenced and her pain improved from 5/10 to 0/10. You can even see in the video that she declares her hip is “strong!” Afterward, we demonstrate a home exercise program meant to ensure her symptoms remain good after physical therapy.

At The Motive, we really do offer the best physical therapy experience in Tucson and are tops in the nation for treating back and hip pain. If you are also having difficulty walking or going up stairs, send us a message below and we’ll let you know if physical therapy may be something to consider.