What We Do


Relieve pain, optimize movement, and finally
get back to living your active life
(without medication or unnecessary surgery)

At the Motive Physical Therapy Specialists, we love to help people 40’s and above get back to living the life they deserve. This means living a life free of painkillers, staying out of the doctor’s office, and continuing with the things they love.

Does this sound like you?

  • You thought your pain would go away but it didn’t
  • You went to a doctor and been prescribed painkillers and rest, but the pain is still there
  • You have been told by numerous people that your spine or body is broken or unfixable
  • Tried exercises prescribed by someone or found online that didn’t do anything or made the problem worse
  • Your pain medication keeps getting increased and no one has given you another option
  • You get injections every 3 months, which you know isn’t solving the problem
  • Been to several physical therapists and are skeptical that anyone can help

The Good News

Luckily for you, you’ve found a better option.  The Motive Physical Therapy Specialists is a group of board-certified physical therapists. We specialize in clinical diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of orthopedic conditions.  We’ll look at you as the unique person that you are, meaning we’ll consider how our treatment and recommendations may fit into your lifestyle and tailor our treatment accordingly.  All of our treatments are informed by the best evidence available, which means we do things that work, and don’t waste your time with things that don’t work.

We’re pretty passionate about providing a high-quality physical therapy experience, and our patients can feel the difference.  Many of our patients have already received poor quality physical therapy elsewhere and have been able to find relief at our clinic. 

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