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Which Nerve is Causing Your Pain?

In Uncategorized by Seth Peterson, Physical Therapist Oro Valley

by Kirstin Weible, PT, ScD Neuropathy or Radiculopathy or Radicular Pain? Oh My! Numbness, tingling, burning, and pain in the lower legs and feet or arms and hands can be uncomfortable and interfere with a person’s daily life and activities.  The culprit of these unpleasant symptoms can be difficult to determine without a few subjective answers and clinical tests. Two …

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What Everyone is Getting Wrong with Hip Bursitis

In Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain by Seth Peterson, Physical Therapist Oro Valley

If you’ve ever had sharp pain in the side of your hip upon taking a step, it’s possible that you’ve been told you had hip bursitis. But let’s get one thing straight: “hip bursitis” is an old-fashioned name. The condition is now being called “gluteal tendinopathy” or “greater trochanteric pain syndrome.” These newer names emphasize that the bursa isn’t the …