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Research Sheds Light on Early Physical Therapy for Back Pain and Sciatica

In Back Pain, Physical Therapy, Uncategorized by Seth Peterson, Physical Therapist Oro Valley

Sciatica – a Pain in the Butt! If you have had sciatica, you know how painful it can be. Sciatica is kind of a “catch-all” term used to refer to pain that refers down the leg and is caused by an irritated nerve or neural structure. Most commonly, sciatica is associated with back pain. Despite how common sciatica can be …

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The Crazy Thing Research is Telling Us About Spinal Stenosis

In Back Pain, Physical Therapy by Seth Peterson, Physical Therapist Oro Valley

Lumbar Stenosis is a radiographic diagnosis.  The word “lumbar” refers to the lower back and “stenosis” means “narrowing.”  Usually, when an x-ray or MRI finds that you have stenosis, it means that the passageways for nerves in your spine are smaller.  However, it is important to keep in mind that this narrowing can happen without pain.  It is common to …