“Telehealth” appointments are the same as in-person appointments at The Motive, except they’re offered from the comfort of your own home.  During your appointment, you have a direct audio and video connection with your physical therapist in the clinic.  This "virtual room" allows for a quick check-in, assessment, treatment, re-assessment, and exercise plan to be provided.  After their first telehealth visit, many patients say they can't believe how convenient these appointments are.

From Amazon to Apple, telehealth is becoming increasingly common all over the country. It allows for a direct line with the physical therapist without the travel time.  If you find yourself driving long distances to your physical therapy appointments, having difficulty getting away from work or kids, or want the physical therapist to see how the exercises are being done in your home environment, a telehealth appointment might be an excellent idea.

 Requirements for telehealth appointments are a room with adequate lighting, the ability to move your device or camera, and an internet connection.  

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