We promise this will be the best one-on-one physical therapy experience you have ever had. We don’t waste your time with appointments you don’t need or hand you off to an assistant who may not understand how to customize your treatment.

A tidal wave of people across the country are now picking medical clinics based on quality, not just price. The OLD way of care is to see a doctor first and then go to the cheapest PT clinic you can find, especially if it’s right down the street.

The NEW way is smarter: going directly to a physical therapy clinic that specializes in fixing your problem.  Smart people across the country are doing this because, quite simply, the end result is a better outcome and money saved.

Based on a survey from 2017, most people believe PT is the #1 most effective and #1 safest treatment for back pain.  While the old patient is spending their fourth month in physical therapy, you’ll be using that time to go on a vacation to Italy, buy a turtle, or whatever you want to do (it’s your business).


To enrich the lives and experiences of those with movement limitations.