When you have sustained an injury at work, it can feel like nothing is more important than getting back on the job as soon as possible.

But sometimes your body will make that impossible. Whether it is low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, a knee injury, or something else, it might simply be impossible for you to work. If the injury occurred at work, you end up in the Workers’ Compensation system. That’s where we come in.

In Arizona, depending on your plan, you have the right to choose your own healthcare provider. If physical therapy is required, there is no better place for you to receive your Workers’ Compensation care than at The Motive. 

Here’s why:

  1. The Motive believes in a person-focused approach to care. In other words, your values are our top concern. We don’t work for the Workers’ Compensation company, or your doctor. We’re an independent company, so we work for you.
  2. We are a 1-on-1 physical therapy clinic. There are few models like ours in all of Arizona. In our clinic, you will spend 100% of your time with the same physical therapist—YOUR physical therapist—every single time. We don’t have aides or assistants to drag your care out.
  3. We are a top-performing clinic nationally. Since our opening, we have placed in the top 10% of orthopedic clinics in the country every single year. At times, we’ve been in the top 1% of performers in the country. Another thing that sets us apart: we are the only clinic that we are aware of that is actually posting its results online for everyone to see. So, you can be sure that you are getting some of the best care in the country for your condition.
  4. We emphasize communication. Especially in the Workers’ Compensation world, communicating with the entire team is critical. In order to get you back to work as soon as possible, we like to see if modified duty requirements can be agreed upon. Looking at data, it’s clear that the longer you stay away from work, the harder it is to get back.
  5. Our physical therapists are not run-of-the-mill PTs. All of our PTs have many years of clinical experience, have doctoral degrees, have published research, and some have even undergone years of advanced training. This isn’t just a job. This is our passion.

As you can see, choosing to come to The Motive for your injury at work is a great choice. Regardless of where you worked, or whose fault it was, we should be your first phone call. 

Let us help you out with your Workers Compensation injury, call us now: